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How many sessions are needed for a successful treatment of facial hair with laser? And does it even work without any drug treating the underlying cause? I’m a medical student myself and i have had an unsuccessful treatment comprising of six sessions. I think I’m doing worse than before. Moreover my skin is starting to look bad because of the alternative methods I’ve used. I want to take the ultimate treatment but I’m not sure about the results.


Marham Admin

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Please share your contact no, so i can connect you with a right person for guidance.


Asma Qaiser Qureshi

Laser Hair Removal treatment always works best if you also treat the underlying cause simultaneously. Yeh toh wohi baat hui k plant k root mein keera hai aur hum dawa patton per spray ker rahay hain. Since you're a medical student, you should understand this better.
Get your hormones tests done. Treat the underlying problem if any. And get your laser done simultaneously.
Number of sessions depends on how your body is responding to laser and also on the hormonal problems if you have any. Theres never a fixed number of sessions that i or anyone could tell. Get laser done from a reputable doctor who has an expertisr in the field. Since you live in Lahore, you can visit dr Haroon Nabi. His clinic is opposite Habitt in gulberg. You can google his details.
For further information on laser hair removal, im attaching a link to a live session i did on the topic. You can find all the details there.

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=042-32591427, &id=042-32591427,

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