Frackles On My Face Espacially Nose

what are remedies?


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Many remedies but treatment, it's duration and modalities will  its depend upon your history.Results will never be a 100 percent, best is 70 to 80 percent.will need to meet you and discuss.


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There are many reason for freckles. Detailed history is required for proper treatment 


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kindly send the pic


Asma Qaiser Qureshi

freckles arise as a result of the temporary overproduction of melanin resulting from UV stimulation, there is a normal number of melanocytes.

They are found on sun exposed sites, particularly the nose and cheeks.

- They are prominent during summer and fade during winter.
- Light to dark brown flat macules
- 3–10 mm in diameter
- Poorly defined and may merge into large patches
- Any shape; often round

Prevention of brown marks
Not all brown marks can be prevented. Careful sun protection will reduce the number of new solar lentigines. Staying out of the sun and using sun protective clothing is much more effective than sunscreens alone. Sunscreens must have high sun protection factor (SPF 50+), good broad spectrum cover against ultraviolet radiation (UVA), and should be applied liberally and frequently.
Visit your dermatologist for further workup.