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Hi, my father has this patch on his neck since years, Dr's diagnosed it as fungus and he used to apply provate g and many other ointments, but since last two years it's not healing with this cream. Please if you can confirm if it's fungus and shall we go for an alternative or would you suggest or recommend anything else. In summers this bleeds and irritates alot.


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Fungus needs local plus oral medication. Secondly is your father diabetic?
He has to go to a dermatologist for proper medication. And must do LFTs before visiting doctor


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No he is not diabetic


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Thanks for sharing these pictures but unfortunately they don’t show much. I wonder if doctor diagnosed it fungal infection why your father was prescribed provate g ( a combination of steroid & antibiotic). I agree with Dr. Humma Abass ; you Father should see a dermatologist. A dermatologist will simply take skin scrapings then & there and look under microscope to confirm the diagnosis. Any rash which looks like a fungal infection and does not respond to anti fungal agents and is there for years needs skin biopsy .


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Dr. Khursheed is this curable.... and how much time it will take to cure it

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Thank you so much, this disappears sometimes and usually come back in very hot weather or very cold. He ll soon see a dermatologist as per your advice.
Initially he did took other medicines as well and Dr told him if it reappears he can use provate g.
Thankyou and Dr Humma so much for your time and dedication.

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You welcome

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pic is not clear to comment on