Hair Fall

Due to my ignorance i used to wash my hair with very hot water continually last winter which caused my hair to fall severely but Alhamdulillah hair regrow from roots and hair density on skulp is almost the same but everyday when i take bath or comb hair they are pulled from roots. Im worry abt my hair. Please suggest me how can i cure this remoisturize hair naturally from roots and shrink my hair pores so that they are not easily pulled off.


Marham Admin

Dr. Heba Saleem Please help


MBBS, Dip in Dermatology | Karachi

Please avoid hot water for washing hair, and do not comb or brush hair when they are wet.
You can deep condition hair with warm coconut oil or castor oil. And let hair air dry without toweling or blow dryer after a wash.
And please if you can show to your dermatologist for a better evaluation of the severity of your condition.