Hair Fall And Acne Issue

I have intense hairfall from 3 months. Hair falls from the roots. First, they turned into grey(white) color and then started to fall badly. Also the hairline recedes from the front. Please suggest me how to reduce the hairfall. FYI: I had healty silky hairs. Now they are turning unhealthy and starts falling from roots


You need to take some supplements for the hair fall. Take one tablet novophane at night. Use foltene hair shampoo. You. Am going for hair treatments like PRP for your hair loss.



I had taken supplements like "Surbex Z" and also use minoxin 0.5 spray, for a month (suggested by dermatologist).
Then someone told me to use "Hair Wit", but "hairwit" results in some sort of acnes to my face (if taken on consecutive three to four days).
So do recommend me the best one. Keeping in view of above supplements taken.
Also what is PRP? Is it effective? painful? Costly?. I love my hairs and want to restore them back.

1 year ago