Hair Fall/Dandruf

I have a chronic issue of dandruf. Its so severe that I cant concentrate on anything because I have to itch and scratch my scalp all the time. It every where in my head, beard every where. I have consulted 3 dermatologists so far and have followed their long treatements but its of no use. Instead of getting better the condition gets worse after using all those hair creams and shampos. Apart from that issue I am facing hair fall issue lately my doctors had said that they will cure dandruf first but because it was never cured they never went beyond that. Is there any permanent solution to these problems. Can I have healty thick hairs?


Dandruff is very much manageable. Thorough examination required to assess
if it is something different from simple dandruff as it does not cause
hairloss usually.
Long term maintenance therapy is usually required


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Is hairloss curable? Do you deal with situations like these?

1 year ago