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Asking For Self, Male, 25 year years old, Lahore

I am a young man and i lost my hair about 60 to 70%...can i get my hair back???

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Dr. Heba Saleem Please help

Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Heba Saleem

Dr. Heba Saleem - Dermatologist

MBBS, Dip in Dermatology | Karachi

Without any history or examination, im afraid i cannot be of much help.
Are your siblings' head also devoid of hair? Or your father and his brothers?
Or are you the only one with hair loss?
Are there bald patches?
Or just a general loss of hair?


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6 years ago


Post Owner

No one from my paternal family is bald but my mother dead were bald
I lost mostly hair from forehead and top of side

6 years ago


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Is orp is good treatment or is it have side effects

6 years ago

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