Infection On Face That Looks Like Acne


My fiance's face is infected by this acne type pimples for past 4 weeks. She visited a doctor about 2 weeks ago and the doctor told that her face is so oily and it needs to be controlled and also prescribed her some medicine as following. -Clincigel -Bervoxyl -CECON 500mg -Azomax 250 Once these medicines are finished the doctor advised to use Acne Life. She has finished with the above mentioned medicines so she doesn't start using Acne Life so far. She is using it as per the direction of the doctor but is not recovering. Please help us either by prescribing some medicine our suggesting a doctor in Peshawar or help us by suggesting some home remedies. P.S How can I add pictures to this question I don't know. Please ping me on Facebook by the following link. <a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Post it on your facebook page on behalf of me(anonymously), please


Marham Admin

Acne requires long term management according to clinical grades of it
Medication includes either topical or oral combination of retinoids and antibiotics
As described in this case
She had moderate to severe acne
Required treatment for 3 months minimum


Post Owner

The medicine I mentioned in the question are correct for treating the acne? How severe is it?

2 years ago


Ajmal Rashid

Its severe acne. Need prompt and effective treatment to prevent scarring. Its very very urgent. If you are in Peshawar consult Brig Dr Asher Dermatologist CMH Peshawar without any delay
Dr Ajmal Rashid
Consultant Dermatologist

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