I have skin infection from wax near my vagina and hips I have abscess filled with fluid that area dermatologist prescribed me rulid 150 tablet twice a day for 7 days & voltral 50 twice a day for 5 days & fusiderm cream apply on abscess. But know abscess is clear but I have itching on that area on vagina and center of hips what should I do ? Why I feel itching ?


I am not sure why do you still have itching as I have not examined you. But you can apply hydrozole cream for itching. You should be fine soon.


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Asalam o Aliqum.
After abscess is drained if there is still itching, it could be incompletely drained abscess or some complication has developed such as sinus formation, you have also mentioned that its in yr buttock areas too, it could be fistula formation, so i cannot guide u without examining completely, I will suggest to see a surgeon like myself soon if not better. Regards,
Dr R U
Midcity hosp, lhr.