Itching / Dryness On Lips

I have dryness on lips and at times water like fluid comes out from my lips. There are dark patches on my lips too. I am worried if I have something serious. Who to seek and what problem is this Also, are these herpes? Who to seek if its the case of herpes?


MBBS, DIP Dermatology (UK), PRP Expert | Rawalpindi

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Seeing is believing. U shld visit a dermatologist near u and they might be able to diagnose u well


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hello Dr Deeba, last time i went for a dermatologist, he said its eczema. The lip balm helped me for a month then it started again. who to go for?

3 weeks ago


MBBS, MS Dermotology (USA) | Lahore

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Herpes can come & go again & again. Dark patches/pigmentation is very normal after any skin rash which generally improves slowly.
Please visit your local area skin specialist for proper assessment & better management.


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thank you

1 week ago


MBBS, AAAM | Islamabad

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Agreed with above 2 respected doctors