Itching Patches On Fingers

It's been 10 years I am suffering from eczema. It remains silent few months later it becomes active. If I stop using dishwashing and stop chopping onions and tomatoes then it becomes silent. But being a housewife and mother how could I manage chopping and dishwashing etc etc. I need permanent solution. I have been taking treatment from dermatologist ( dr naseema kapadia, dr hamid zaki) if i stop medicine it returns with more itching. How to attach pictures??? Please help me I am suffering from eczema all over my fingers it becomes more itchy at night.


Farrukh Hussain

Asalaam o alaikum. You have irritant contact dermatitis or eczema.
It will stay for life.
Only you may prevent it.
Just buy 1 or 2 pairs of rubber gloves and sew velvet cloth on its inner sides. Then wear them whenever you want to wash hands or laundry or kitchen items. Its the only measure effective.
Avoid Dettol , safeguard and lofebuoy soaps. Only use Lux or Palmolive soaps.
Use Physiogel lotion daily on hands to relieve dryness and itch.


MBBS, MHSC (Canada), DPD (UK) | Karachi

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chronic eczema is a condition which requires careful evaluation ,prevention from triggers and individual customized treatment plans.For details and specifics please call .042-32591427, .regards. DR AHMAD RABB


Wear rubber gloves when you are doing house chores.
Keep your hands moisturised always.