Long-term Acne

Assalam-u-Alaikum, I am suffering from acne for ~2-3 years now. I've consulted various dermatologists in this timeframe, acne stops after some time of treatment for few weeks/months but after terminating the treatment, it comes back. My last dermatologist, on my second last visit in March 2017, suggested me to use Skin-A, Calamine (30%) + Lotio Alba (70%) compound, Acne soft cleanser with Sun stop 60spf sunblocker. I used these for ~4 months & I was totally acne free so she suggested me to stop everything except Cleanser & sun blocker which I did. I again have acne for few weeks now. I am really feeling hopeless. Is there any permanent cure? Kindly also suggest affordable (I am a student) but experienced dermatologist in Karachi. Thanks


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Dr. Hina Fahad Please help


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It is getting worse. I will really appreciate having some recommendation.