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I have a mole on my cheek since childhood. It’s been growing with age.. so I saw a remedy in youtube for removing ths.. ths was as; equal quantity of aloe vera gel, Apple cider vinegar nd castor oil.. nd apply it on the mole.. So can I use that? I mean are these home remedies effective? Or does it have any side effect?


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i have not heard that tgese things work infact they may damage your skin. please take a proper treatment of laser. Pleasr share pic of mole fir further opinion or contact thru Whatsapp at 042-32591427,


Simply go to plastic surgeon for shave excision


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That will take 3 to 4 months. Even than it's not sure whether it will be removed or not. So I will advise you to go for laser treatment for it. 


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Laser treatment is best option


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Please don"t ever use these remedies. these are real fake and do not have any medical importance. rather these can result in severe contact dermatitis. and about mole. for a person who does not know the differential of skin lesions, every big lesion is a mole. kindly see some dermatologist. there are many procedures which are very less painful and less costly to get rid of these sort of moles if it really is a simple mole.


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There r rather easier ways of removing mole by fulgration and
laser...kindly visit for consultation


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I can't advise you to experiment on your face.

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Well sister, I have two moles on my chin by birth like you :p once i felt the same way u feeling. alhamdulillah with the help of Allah i overcome this guilt. I will say don't go for laser or surgery. As these type of things have side effects later on. Don't buy my words go see documentary on youtube u will learn the real truth. Accept the way Allah created you and me, we are beautiful in HIS eyes :)