Severe Dandruff


hi doc, I have severe dandruff since 8 years, all available anti dandruff shampoo don't work. my hair skin becomes oily and dandruff flakes gets stuck on head skin like a grease. please suggest something so I may be able to get rid of it. thanks


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dandruff will remain forever...we can reducebit...u shoud aply betnovate
lotion in hair and get it wash with ketowin lotion...con
tinue it


You need to see a doctor to establish if it is simple dandruff or some
other problem. U can use cosalic or syntar shampoo twice a week.
Oral medication may be required.
In the bottom line no alternative of good Dermatology consultation


u need to use conaz shampoo 3 times per week and hivate lotion on scalp after washing and drying hair
use these for 6 weeks


Noor Ali Khan

Sir I was prescribed ketiwin lotion by dermatologist but I lost the prescription paper. I have face acne and hair dandruff as well. I don’t know wether to use it on face or hair. Kindly guide me . Thanks


Qand Agha

sir i used minoxidil and hairfin tab with derma smooth oil 4 months ago is it ok to use havite lotion with canoz shampoo


Qand Agha

because i m afraid of canoz shampoo it has alot,s of side effects,, i have allergic problem thats why i m using havite lotion is it ok to use canoz shampoo because one of it,s side effect is if anyone have allergic problem should not use it.. and i have dandruff can hivate lotion work on my scalp
alone to remove allergies. kindly guide me plz

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