Severe Dryness On Hands

Salam.. I’m 27 yrs old n a mother of 5 year old son.. after my marriage, I’m facing severe dryness on my hands even in summers. But in winters it gets worse. I have used tons of imported/local handreams n lotions etc but no use.. my hand’s skin colour is getting darker n my face complexion is very fair.. plz plz help me out..


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Dryness & darkness of hands are common problems specially in house wives who h
do water related work like dish washing, cloth washing, kitchen work etc.
It is generally due to allergy/irritation but may be other inflammatory or infectious reasons can be involved.

Please visit your local area skin specialist for proper assessment and better management.

May ALLAH give you early Shifa INSHAALLAH.


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Hand dryness in housewives is common problem due to usage of strong detergents and excessive water exposure . Use copious amount of moisturisers and see a dermatologist near you.


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Can you plz suggest me any medicated cream?


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Dear Patient, Indeed i agree with the above respected colleagues of mine. There are several conditions that looks scaly and dry and labelled as contact dermatitis, eczema but it CAN be some thing else as well so for best possible care it needs to be evaluated. Just using expensive stuff isn't the right way fwd as well. For any further advice you can book an appointment so can help you out any further. Regards, Dr Salman