Both ears are becoming red like this for the past 5 or 6 days.lots of itching and irritation. Cheeks are also becoming red too.what could be the reason. N treatment pl. Thank you


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Dr. Heba Saleem Please help


MBBS, Dip in Dermatology | Karachi

The sites that you have described seems like sensitivity to sunlight. Have you spent a long time in sun recently with or without sunblock?
According to your skin type and severity of condition, you will likely be prescribed steroid to apply and maybe even orally.
Please visit the Dermatologist.


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No, doc i didnt spend time in sunlight.n i always apply sunblock whenever i go outside.

1 year ago

Dr. Heba Saleem
Dr. Heba Saleem - Dermatologist

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Then you must show to any dermatologist for further evaluation.
Skin issues cannot be treated without seeing and touching and proper examination.

1 year ago


You Need to show a Dermatologist near u. Can't say without examination