Skin Allergy


If I use full covered shoes or chappal, after 1 hour or so, it start irritation and allergy starts And I used fat burning belt, it also started allergy on coverd area. Then I has to use some medicine for it. I feel anything polyester based or recsin based, irritates. Even silk cloth also creates problem. Please suggest some treatment


Asma Qaiser Qureshi

the simplest and most basic form of treatment in such allergy cases is to avoid wearing such things. And have an antiallergic.
If you keep on using polyeste, silkor rexine items the allergy will continue.
Use a mild soap and apply an emollient right after bath on body.


You may avoid such irritating shoes . .
Try using oped rubber shoes.wear gloves rubber gloves covered from inside with cotton cloth when washing cookery and laundry. Take Physiogel or Cetaphil lotion and apply daily at night.
Avoid medicated soaps like Dettol , lifebuoy and safeguard. Use only simple lux or oalmolive soap .
In shaa Allah you will get better.

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