Skin Allergy And Itch (ring Worm Like Spots)

I'm 28 male, living in askari 11. I am facing continuous itching all over the body since 2 months now. I have dark black and red ring form spots all over my thighs, abdomen, arms. I've tried many anti-fungal, bacterial, allergy ointments and creams, stopped using soap, am using aloe Vera for dryness, eating onions, garlic capsules, drinking lemon water and Safi for general immune systems boost. Don't see anything helping. I am so tired of constant itching, and can not find a good hospital to get done my skin biopsy done to determine what allergy is this and how to get immediate treatment.


MBBS, DDCD (Thailand) | Karachi

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kindly visit to clinic for evaluation


MBBS | Islamabad

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Hy ,
Dear visit me in my clinic so that I can see ur black spots ..then I can suggest u further ..


MBBS, DIP Dermatology (UK), PRP Expert | Rawalpindi

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Visit Dr. Safoora Amir in National hospital. Its a treatable disease. but u need to visit the right Dr for that.


MBBS, MS Dermotology (USA) | Lahore

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You need to visit your local area skin specialist for history, examination & proper management.