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Hello sir i have these patches on my skin both side arms legs under the mouth since 7 years please help me to cure this disease Thank You

Dermatologist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Khawar Nazir
Dr. Muhammad Khawar Nazir - Dermatologist

| MBBS | MS Dermotology (USA) | | Lahore

review-stars 117 Positive Reviews

It seems vitiligo.
Multiple treatment options (medicines, creams, light therapy, LASER, surgery, needling, etc) are offered by dermatologists after history & examinations followed by monitoring.

Please visit your local area skin specialist for proper assessment and better management.

May ALLAH give you fast & early Shifa. Aameen.

Wassalam and a good day to you


Post Owner

JazakALLAH , thank you

3 years ago

Dermatologist in Peshawar - Dr. Kashif Ali
Dr. Kashif Ali - Dermatologist

MBBS, MSc Aesthetic Dermatology (Lon), MRCGP(CCT) UK, DDerm UK, MBCAM, DFSRH, DRCOG, MCFP, AAAMS | Peshawar

review-stars 29 Positive Reviews

This is vitiligo. Please see a dermatologist local to you. You will need treatment for this.


Post Owner

Thank you sir

3 years ago

Dermatologist in Karachi - Dr. Salman Mansoor
Dr. Salman Mansoor - Dermatologist

| MBBS | D-Derm | DRCP (Derm) | MSc (Derm) | Diplomat in Aesthetic Medicine (UK) | Diplomat American Board of Aesthetic Medicine | MD (USA) | Board Certified in Anti-Ageing Medicine (USA) | | Karachi

review-stars 216 Positive Reviews

Respected Pt,

I do agree with the above consultants and you do have vitiligo and it takes time to respond and multiple options to be tried...



Post Owner

Thank you sir but how much time does it take to cure this disease ? it would be stopped ?

3 years ago

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