Wht Is This

my daughters foot ......is it a fungal disease or wht ? plz investigate .... any skin specialist .urgent .


Picture quality is not good, please repost. Looks like eczema. Also give some history. When did it start?any where else? Has it chnaged recently? Does it cause any problem and any skin problems in family?


Pic is blurry but it looks fungal infection. Other body sites are also involved? What about left foot


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same as on both feets . only foot involved .

11 months ago


MBBS, FCPS (Dermatology) | Lahore

Dear pics are not good quality and it’s not an urgent or emergency condition there are some redness and scaling most likely it’s eczema common in children kindly visit a dermatologist in person for detailed history and examination to establish diagnosis followed up by appropriate treatment. There is nothing dangerous. Only some ointments and general foot care will resolve the issue.