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Thyroid And Diabetes

mujy thyroid ka problem bna us k baad diabetes ka. kya ye aik dosry sy related hn plz guide


Falling Everything Around Like In Earth Quick

My mother is a patient of high Diabetes since 12 years. Recently her sugar level and blood pressure both are high. but now both are in normal range. But suddenly this morning she screaming and told it's earth quick and everything fa...


Bones Pain Ha Or Khushk Cough B Ha Or Bukhar B

Blood sugar mainy check ki abhi wo 163 or Bp 117 up and 65 down ha


Weakness Due To Diabetics

Assalamualaikum. Can you please suggest any best multivitamin suppliment for the diabetic patient. Asking for my father. Age: 58 years Diabetic patient since 2005.


Stomach , Blood Pressure & Weakness

mujy 8 Saal sy Suger hai blood pressure k liye co-eziday 50 mg ,or Suger k liye mixtard 30 leta hon last 2 years sy teno time khany k Baad heart beat bohat teez ho Gati hai bohat ghabrahat Hoti hai sham k time body mai bohat pain HO...


شوگر کے مریض کو چوٹ لگی اور وہ ٹھیک نہیں ہو رہا۔

اسلم علیکم، کچھ ہفتے پہلے میرے والد کے پاؤ پر تھورا سا زکم ہو گیا تو، انہو نے اسے کوئی اہمیت نہیں دی اور ابھی وو زخم بہت زیادہ ہو گیا ہے اور ٹھک نہیں ہو رہا ہے۔ اگر وو تھورا سا چلیں تو انکی ٹانگ اور پاؤں میں سوجن ہو جاتی ہے، ابھی شو...



My question is, Can we use brown sugar (Gurr or Shakr ) in pre-diabetic condition?


Hyperthyroidism. Improper Digestio Increasing Heart Beat ...diabetes ...blood Pressure

diabetes and blood pressure


Diabetes And Left Leg Pain

My mom has diabetes and she is facing pain in left legs and sometimes it is severe, sometimes it happens in upper leg and sometimes in lower leg, not sure what is the issue, Consulted many doctors but they give medicine and she does...

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