on kwik pen 24U TDS,lantus 60 OD, galvusmet 50/1000 still fasting 200 and random 250,my wt is 100kg,tab merol 50 and tritace 10mg,sert100,deprel 50mg...



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Seems like you have significant insulin resistance and obesity.
In patients like you I do the followings
1- I make sure there is no other endocrine problem ( cushings - cortisol excess)
2- Consider weight loss treatment ( victoza) or metabolic surgery
3- if above option is not possible due to cost then Addition of pioglitazone (Piozer) will lower your insulin requirement and improve your control .its side effect is weight gain and avoid if history of heart failure or leg swelling.

See your local endocrinologist please to discuss above options.

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Hello....I don't think you can control your blood glucose with insulin and meds....losing weight can also be very tricky, and a full spectrum of diabetes related issues also needs to be checked..... kindly call 042-32591427, 042-32591427, and we will skype with you

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u need a close followup with your doctor for control
IA it will be achieved very soon with proper medication and lifestyle intervention
need to see u for that