Sir, My mother is sick of diabetes for seven years. We have been to several general physicians but they couldn't succeed to minimise or vanish the disease. I, therefor looking after a qualified diabetes-specialist who can either minimise it or get rid of it. I request you to suggest me a well qualified diabetologist in Quetta. Thanks !


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There is no cure for type 1 diabetes ( except islet cell transplant and stem cell which is currently being explored and unavailable in Pakistan)
I assume she has type 2 diabetes.

For obese patients with type 2 diabetes -remission or cure is possible usually in first few years , through significant weight loss ( with medication or with stomach bypass).

I personally don't know anyone over in Quetta, but I am sure there will be many qualified diabetes specialists.
My best



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HELLO.... please call my secretary on 042-32591427, ....i ll see your mother on Skype and treat from Lahore


diabetes type 2 is managed with lifestyle modification along with mediciine.as for quetta u can visit dr khosa.


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dont know about quetta
u can vist me in Lahore
i practice in Defence Lahore