Eyeside And Sensitivity

Assalam o Alaykum.! I have problem with my left eye that some times it loses its focus when i round my eyes to left/right side espwcially and headache as well. I wear glasses off and on as it disturbs me after a month or on and nowadays my eyes has become so sensitive whenever i drive then i cant open my eyes and it initiates eye and headache issue problem. I went to a surgeon and he said you have an inheritance issue regarding focusing of the eye and your muscles are weak so you should have surgery.Some said why do you wear glasses as your eyeside is little bit weak and it will cause more weakness in eyeside. I am totally messed up now and it seems that i m losing my eyeside day by day and due to severe headache it is unbearable now. KINDLY Help me in this regard...


MBBS,MCPS, FCPS, (Opthamology) | Lahore

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I would like to examine your eyes and do a detailed examination to find out the exact cause, few kinds of muscle weaknesses can be treated with exercises but cannot be determined with out a detailed examination.


Get urself checked by eye specialist near you. Some muscle weakness needs surgery and some can be benefitted with orthoptic exercises. Google orthoptic exercises and convergence inefficiency if it correlates with your problem. Meanwhile do use glasses as they will help too