Watery Eyes

My baby is 12 days .His left eye is very sticky and Watery.?pls guide me what should I do


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Watery eye in a new born is relatively common condition and often benign.
First if at all possible do visit a doctor to get a proper evaluation as
soon as possible. If that is not possible than you can manage one of the
common causes yourself: The duct that drains the eye is often not
completely formed in neonates. You should trim the nail of your little
finger (dominant hand), warm it against your palm and gently massage the
inner area of the eye adjacent to the nose. The motion should be up and
down with gentle pressure. About 6-7 times a session for about 4 or 5
sessions a day. The duct spontaneously opens before age 1 year. You should
continue doing this till this point in time. If, during this, the eye
becomes red or the discharge becomes purulent from watering the eye may
have become infected and would need an appropriate evaluation by a doctor
before prescribing an antibiotic drop

There are other less common causes of watering, but they need an
examination for diagnosis


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