Anal Fissure


i m having pain and feeling discomfort inside anal area, badly burning sensation, had stool 3 times today after every 2 hours break from morning till afternoon. right now i am feeling discomfort. pls suggest me some ointment and tablets for this kind of pain. i took pictures also of my anal area to show you and examine what is the real ailment, is it anal fissure fistula or hemmorhoids? i had constipation last week so i started taking laxative and stool softner (phakki) digestive powder while going to bed. despite having it i still had to pass hard stool so it caused me pain and severe burning inside anal area. please suggest me some medicine for early healing and also share me your email address so i can send you the pictures of my anal area.


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Dr. Salman Javed Please help

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