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can i take ESTAR(escitalopram) with librax? my gastroentrologist has recommended me librax at night after meal along with other medications but after that my psychiatrist recommended me ESTAR (after breakfast ),NERVIN and INDERAL. can i take both ESTAR and LIBRAX together or should i stop librax.


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Yes you can take it with librax
If your symptoms have resolved you can minimize the dose of librax or can completely stop it


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yes u can take together. but it's better to continue escitalopram . and stop librex after 1 month. because escitalopram takes some time to get maximum effect


Muhammad Shahbaz

Hi I am based in Uppsala, Sweden. I will be now traveling to Pakistan on 24th of July. Recently my doctor in Sweden recommended me to have an endoscopy in Pak.
Reason: I had a stomach pain about 3 months ago and I have identified infection with H. Pylori. I got one week therapy of Amoxicillin (1g), Clarithromycin and Omeprazole, however, H. Pylori infection was return (I feel the same problem) and then my Doctor prescribed me Amoxicillin, Omeprazole, and Flagyl for 2 weeks. After completing this therapy, my problem again returned (empty stomach pain, more after drinking /eating). Now Doctor said, due to the shortage of my time endoscopy is not possible in Uppsala, but recommended me to have it as soon I go to Pakistan. I am a bit scared that why infection is not treating and what should I have to do now more with medicine (to cope problem) and why endoscopy was recommended now. Thanks

Dr. Usman Javaid
Dr. Usman Javaid - Gastroenterologist

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Member kindly get an ultrasound abdomen done followed by basic lab reports and consult the gastroenterology specialist
Afterwards on clinical history and examination we will decide is it necessary to do endoscopy or not

3 weeks ago


Muhammad Shahbaz

Dear Dr. Usman, Thank you for your reply and suggestion. In fact, yesterday I got an endoscopy in Uppsala (on preferences bases) and the doctor found reddened mucosa and took the sample for H. Pylori (if there any) culture growth to determine antibiotic resistance. The results will come later, however, the doctor suggested to continue with Omeprazole and I am happy apparently nothing serious is found. I will book an appointment with you if I met with further stomach issue during my stay in Pak. Thank You !

3 weeks ago

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