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having constipation for past 4-5 weeks now, feel bloated all the time. some one told me abt doc arif qayyum.... reading quite mixed reviews... has some one here had any personal experience with him... then plz do share, I want someone who gives proper time to his patient and not shrug them off


MBBS, FCPS (Gastroenterology and Hepatology) | Lahore

Dr. Arif Qayyum and other famous physicians are usually very busy in their clinics. So cant give a lot of time to their patients. They are experienced enough to reach the root cause even within a few minutes. I will recommend to go to him, or Dr Altaf Alam ( Kanaan Clinic Shadman near China Chowk). Both are competent physicians.



Not a doctor but speaking from personal experience. I have suffered from acute constipation for over three months, it was sporadic. I tried every possible home remedy but of no use. However, when I started drinking a lot of water with ispaghol, it might sound crazy but at eating shawarma helped since I think it has vegetables and spices. I also took this homeopathy medicine named 'alsi' as clone cleanser. Once you ingest alsi make sure after pooping you do drink water, eat oranges and healthy food. I hope this helps. Eating less ir dieting is a usual reason for constipation I believe. I hope this helps l!

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