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salam from 2 weeks having abdominal cramps and 6 to 7 bowel moments in a day which make me week and pain in anal fissure iam having flagyl 400 after breakfast (which frequent visits to washroom)and taking benzium and ors on alternate days now plz guide wht to do

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Marham Admin

Dear Member,
Benzium are prescribed by doctor?


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Taking Flagyl like this will not help for long. Get your stool complete examination and also you need to be seen by any gastroenterologist


mohsin saeed

i get sevare bloating after meals. Earlier i was diagonosed by H pylori and took tripple regime Amoxicilin, clarithoromycin, omeprazole for 3 weeks and eradication failed then i took ciproflaxacin, amoxicilin, and pantaprozole for 3 weeks it was eradicated. i had CT scan, 2 gastroscopies with stomach and intenstines biopsies, 2 times urea breath test, 1 capsule endoscopy, 1 colonoscopy and everything is normal during these procedues. some doctors say i have functional dyspepsia, some say IBS or dysbiosis, next week i have FMT(fecal microbiota transplant for changing the gut flora in oslo hope it will help. In Lahore i visited dr Bilal nasir twice he prescribed me citanew, levopraid, Rivotril for 3 months it didnt make any improvements.

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