i m loosing weight lost 25 kgs n still lossing from some tym (around 5 6 mnth ) i have excessive farting issue n they r smelly too. n when i eat chickpeas etcs thn on tht day the issue is more.kindly tell me whicj test should i have done r what med i can take?.. i dont have stomach issue


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Hi.wt loss should be evaluated if no nutritional deficiencies ,u can do
cp,esr,Blood sugar,hepatitis b and C, chest x ray.
Wil discuss it further after these tests.thanx


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Please get stool test for H PYLORI ANTIGENĀ 


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thanks alot.. n mostly i have food particles which can be seen in stool

1 year ago


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Weight loss with GI symptoms may be serious issue and needs investigation especially endoscopic procedure to rule out cause and blood tests as well

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