Ibs Svere Flatuence Probm


Salam i want to ask any gastrologist on board that my doctors here diagnosed me with ibs one year ago i m taking medications for that but i wanted to ask for how long i have to take these medicines because whenever i feel better and leave the medicines the problem comes back very seriously ie gas trouble with too much flatuence i cant keep my wudhu for a while .kindly note that this problem came after my perianal abcess surguries i had four perianal abcess surguries and twi fistula surguries in past seven years last was in 2016 .also having migrane but alhamdulilah now in control .pls kimdly suggest any good medicines to get rid of this problem forever


This needs 're evaluation as IBS is the diagnosis of exclusion in the presence of such surgeries and fistule the likely diagnosis is crhon not IBS so kindly consult proper Gastroenterologist for proper workup

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