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I have emotional eating issues, more i get upset i seek edible products no matter what, thay result in pain, may be weak stomach. Some times the cramps increased and i feel stick to bed. My stomach never go in as it remain puffy and big.. that sometimes i feel if i get up from floor or after sleep Lower abdomen ki nas charh gai ha .. Plz help


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hello there,
it could be IBS with is related with the emotional issues most of the times.

The symptoms if irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) vary from person to person.

Pain and discomfort may occur in different parts of the tummy (abdomen). Pain usually comes and goes. The length and severity of each bout of pain can vary greatly. The pain often eases when you pass stools (faeces) or wind. Many people with IBS describe the pain as a spasm or colic.
Bloating and swelling of your tummy may develop from time to time. You may pass more wind than usual.

Changes in stools:
Some people have bouts of diarrhoea, some have bouts of constipation and some get a combination of both.
The stools may become small and pellet-like. Sometimes the stools become watery or more loose. At times, mucus may be mixed with the stools.
There may be a feeling of not emptying the back passage (rectum) after going to the toilet.
Some people have urgency, which means they have to get to the toilet quickly. You may feel an urgent need to go to the toilet several times shortly after getting up.
you need as assessment and you may need to take some medication once the doctor has seen you to help with the symptoms as well.
hope this helps


Dr.M.noman Rashid

kindly mention your body weight, and take opinion from your near by expert gastroenterologist
Prof.Dr. Muhammad N Rashid