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Dear Doctors: I had stomach problems, after endoscopy diagnosed with H.pylori + Inflammation with GERD (Refluxive esophagaties ), these symptoms are treated and i'm good with stomach problems AlhamduLilah, but sometimes when i'm hungry there is feeling that something is stucking at end of chest(just under where middle chest bones end) i'he told this to doctor and he said you are feeling to much and prescribed me EsPramcit tab, and i have throat issue, may be effected by GERD , if i consume a cold drink there are sore throat, external condition is worse. Please guide me if there is any need to go for ENT specialist or i have to continue for Stomach medicines? Regards


there is no need to visit ENT
I think you need proper evaluation and examination
for this u can visit me at Saadan Hospital Allah Hu Chowk Johar town
timing from 8 to 042-32591427, pm
call for appointment at 042-32591427, -91
Dr. Mirza Ilyas Baig


MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin) | Rawalpindi

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Apparently it is symptom of anxiety.As the endoscopy has already been done so one can be sure that there is nothing wrong with food pipe.please,avoid tight clothes or heavy meals at a time.Eat in small amounts and repeatedly.Dont sleep just after dinner.


Dear you are have reflux Ao kindly do anti reflux measure.
1.Daily walk for 25 minutes 2.There must be a 2 hours difference between you go to bed and dinner time 3.Elevate head end of bed 4. Avoid spicy food 5. Avoid tex coffee and chocolate 6. Avoid citrus fruits 

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