I am a girl, 18years old, current weight: 71kg, height: 5.6cm I have been binge eating for 5 to 6 years now. For 3 years i was jumping bewtween 55kg to 58kg. I suffered a lot because of my weight. Everyone in my family has been stuffing me with sayings like "lose some weight", "girls like you are not appealing", "fat girls have no brain" etc they find it amusing to point out others weakness infront of everyone. I feel like i am the only target for my family to make fun of because every young person in my family is slim and healthy. I lost energy to do it anymore few months back and from then my condition has become worse because i was sick of that never ending cycle of gaining and losing weight. I gained 13kg in 2 monthes due to giving up on myself but i want a solution now i just cant sit here to see myself destroying my health completely just because i cant resist the urge to stuff myself with food even if i am not hungry. No one know that i have been


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dear client ...please book i can help need urgent,nt waste your time to get answers abd find solution...i am waiting to sove your problem


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Respected patient, just avoid swings between losing and gaining weight. You need to follow a healthy eating lifestyle to maintain the pleasure of life as well as being the best version of yourself. Book your appointment for online consultation.


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your maximum weight should be 67kg and ideal weight should be 60kg so you should reduce 11kg to reach your ideal weight. reducing 11kg will shape your body removing unnecessary fats. I prepare diet plans for weight loss which help you reduce 8-12kg in one month. Girls of your age can easily reduce weight but in later ages, the fats make pockets under organs like liver, kidneys and heart and this makes the weight loss extremely difficult. I am available in Islamabad for appointment, however you can also book an online appointment via Marham by calling on 042-32591427, .


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Dear patient first of all you have to prepare your mind that you are the awesome person of the world stop underestimate your self because everyone on this earth have some purpose some uniqueness so dont be panic and overstressed dear .You are young and energetic this is the best time to gain your ideal weight and reduce your extra fats you just have to patternise your daily eating and excersie habits and make up your self to achievd healthy body posture.Add more carbs like salads .oats.and fruits.Omit fats or artificial sugars from your diet.Walk atleast one hour daily.Add some game or out door activity in your rotuine this also help in your mood and make you fresh.Further detail you can book an appointment .Good luck and have a healthier life