I am a diabetic can you please share best herbal remedies to control type 2


MBBS, Diploma in Diabetes and Endocrinology | Dera Ghazi Khan

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I am a diabetologist, and i strongly condemn herbal products because they have not much clear information regarding its ingredients, pharmacokinetics, actions and side effects... Mostly herbal and homeo ptoducts effect kidneys, diabetic patients already have impaired kidney function
It is better to visit some diabetologist and have your complete workup as diabetes is the progressive disease and doesnot remain the same

Angela Marie Sadiqua

Please do listen to Dr Wasif Iqbal and be careful using herbal treatments. It's best to follow your doctors advice on medications to control your blood sugar levels, and work with a nutritionist and lifestyle counsellor so that you can make changes to your diet, schedule, and exercise/physical activity levels to further assist in helping to control your diabetes.

2 years ago