I feel fatigue n pain in legs,back...almost all the time..even when i wake up..i feel pain in arms and doesn't feel fresh...i have 2 kids n have to do house chores...bt realy woried by my cndition.kindly tell suplements etc...which have definite positiv reslts...


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Kindly tell your age + weight
- R u diabetic patient. ???


Go and have your blood tests done and follow up with your physician. However a lot of the time, the pain is due to lifestyle, especially lack of sun exposure, proper diet, good sleep habits, and physical activity. To start with, make sure you spend 30 minutes out in the morning sun every single day. This will help boost your Vitamin D levels naturally, and sun exposure helps reduce pain, and helps to regulate our sleep cycle. Also look at your diet and make sure it is not high in foods that trigger inflammation.