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Patient Questions from Shamila Irum

Asking For Self, Female 20


I have overthinking problem and OCD related to religious matters . I get anxiety and shortness of breath and extreme anger sometimes. I also get bad thoughts about religion, Allah and religious personalities. I am unable to describe...

Asking For Self, Male 30

Dr Sahab Mere Dimgh Main Bure Khiyal Aate Hain

sir mujhe pata nhi kiya ho jata 24 ghanty tenshion hoti hai hathon ko 10 10 baar dhota hoon khabhi khabhi aisa lagta mera chere ka rang chang ho raha hai ya jo main soch raha hoon wo koi aur sun raha hai plz mujhe koi achi se tablet...

Asking For Self, Female 20

Brain Issue

my prolactin level is very high . i am feeling like a boy.i don't want to be a girl .my mind is not accepting me as a girl. plz help me can i become a boy if my prolactin level is high? plz reply me if i ll get positive reply.u can...

Asking For Self, Female 26

Contamination Ocd

fear of contamination . severve anxiety . sucidical thoughts

Asking For Self, Female 24

Depression Anxiety

1 sal phle baba ki death hoi thi tab say mujy har time moat ka khuf mehsos hota, Dil me gabrakht, dhimag me bhari pan, zuban or hontho me soyian chubna, hath paon ka thanda , or be Jan mehsos hona, boht parshan hon in sab say , ?

Asking For Mother, Female 40

Psychological Problem

Hi, Assalam o aalikum I hope you are good and everything is going in desire way. My Mother have a psychological problem. The problem includes 1. No Sleep during night 2. She become anger without any reason 3. Discussing Past thi...

Asking For Self, Male 25

Phycological Issue

I feel very anxious and nervous all the time for no reason what should I do pls give me a solution

Asking For Self, Male 34

Anxiety And Depression

main 2 hafto se citanew 10 mg use kr rha ho is se mare Dar aur zyda hoga hai choti choti batao pr muje dar lagta hai ab ajab feel ho rha hai muje har waqt jase mn pagal ho rha ho pagal hone ka Dar pehle se he boht hai ajab ajab kya...

Asking For Self, Male 32

Foot Feetish

i need help in this thing...i cannot reply to dr msg..kindly tell me how to help my self

Asking for Self, Male, 27 years old

Sleep Disturbed

I have had sleep disturbance for the last 3-4 days, I cannot able to sleep more than 2-3 hours, and it happens for a few days after every 3-4 months. I am suffering from anxiety. Can I drink Phenergan 2 Spoons before bed? is it safe...

Asking For Self, Female 25

Confidence And Strong

mery saath yh masla h k main decision nhi ly skti main bht seedhi saadhi hon, main ny kafi kuch sacrifice kiya h life main, main bht kamzor or buzil hon main kua trah overcome kron kesy strong bano khud se decision ly skon, mujh seo...

Asking For Self, Male 33

Stressful Thoughts Wakes Me Up During Sleep In Early Morning 4am

Due to office workload i am having stress and anxiety. i frequently wakes up at 4am in the morning with stressful thoughts related to office work. it take hours to go back to sleep again. please advice

Asking For Self, Male 25

Sex Interest

im married 9 years ago and going good everything! but 3 weeks sy my life partner mean my wife says im not feeling about sex.. mean she says me k mera dil ni krta pta ni q she is worried about it . is this any disease?why she lost s...

Asking for Other, Male, 5 years old


My 5 years old has learned from school to play with his private parts. He does it alone or in front of his brother. We have tried everything but nothing worked for him. Need suggestions please. We are hopeless now.

Asking for Self, Female, 30 years old

Obsession Feet

I have feet attraction want therapy in clinic required in clinic session.

Asking for Self, Male, 29 years old

Pornography Addiction

I am very fond of watching porn two to three times a week and also masturbate I want to get rid of this bad habit But can't leave it Please give me any advice And suggest a good doctor for me

Asking For Self, Male 25


aoa, ma jab doctor ka pas b jao to mari heart beat tez ho jati hia .jab ma koi technical kam karna lago to mari fingers vibrate karna start ho jati hia.jab ma cal karo kisi ko to starting ma b hert beat tez ho jati his.agr ma hand k...

Asking for Self, Male, 22 years old

Uncontrollable Sexual Urges In While Single

Hi Respected Ma'am! Hope all will be fine insha'Allah. I am Faraz, preparing for MA political science. I am 22 years old boy who belong to a respectable family. I am having sexual urges from 3 to 4 years and I masturbate often. I...

Asking For Self, Male 20

Sexually Frustrating

everything they done masturbate

Asking For Self, Female 39

Dipression Insomenia

mujhe kafi month se dipression enxity disorder insomania ki problem hai bhut preshan Hun illaj kar k thak gaey faida nhi hua plz help