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Hip Pain in Urdu - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Hip Pain in Urdu

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Summary about Hip Pain in English

Hip pain is a common medical problem caused by several different issues. The exact location of your hip pain can reveal necessary information about the underlying cause. In most cases, problems with the hip joint cause pain on the inside of the hip or in the groin. Problems with the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues that surround your hip joint are the most common cause of hip pain on the outside of your hip, upper thigh, or outer buttock. Diseases and conditions in other parts of your body, such as your lower back, can sometimes cause hip pain. Referred pain is the term for this type of pain.

Hip Pain Facts and Figures

Hip pain is common worldwide mainly because millions of people have osteoarthritis, especially older adults. Research conducted on global, regional, and national burdens of hip osteoarthritis from 1990 to 2019 has demonstrated that the prevalence of hip osteoarthritis has increased in all countries over the past 30 years. Some further facts and statistics about hip pain have been listed below:

People with Hip pain WorldwideApprox. 1.58 million
Common inOlder Adults and Athletes
At-Risk GenderFemales
Average Age for DiagnosisAny age
Problems related to Hip PainOsteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hip fractures, and injuries
Specialists Who Treat Hip PainOrthopedics, Physiotherapists

Symptoms of Hip Pain

Following are the symptoms of hip pain:

  • Limping
  • Joint pain
  • Sudden hip pain
  • Pain in the groin
  • Loss of motion of the hip
  • Hip pain when walking
  • Tenderness in the hip joint
  • Hip pain at night
  • Difficulty sleeping on the hip
  • Lower back and hip pain on one side

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Causes of Hip Pain

Following may be the causes of hip pain:

  • inflamed tendons
  • arthritis
  • hip fractures
  • snapping hip syndrome
  • osteonecrosis

Preventive Measures of Hip Pain

There are many preventive measures for hip pain. Following are some of them:

  • over the counter medicine
  • anti-inflammatory medications
  • heating the affected area
  • low-impact exercises
  • in case of a snapped hip, surgery may be required

Hip Pain Treatment in Pakistan

The treatment depends on the cause of lower back pain or hip pain. Some treatment options can be

  • Bedrest is usually enough to allow the hip to heal from exercise-related pain, and this type of discomfort usually passes in a few days. 
  • Your doctor may also prescribe medications to relieve pain and stiffness if you have arthritis.
  • Your doctor may refer you to a specialist who can provide additional information and a physical therapist who can show you how to perform exercises to keep the joint mobile. 
  • Bed rest and medications like naproxen to relieve swelling and pain are common treatments for hip injuries.
  • Hip fractures, malformations, and specific injuries may necessitate surgery to repair or replace the hip. A surgeon replaces the damaged hip joint with an artificial one during hip replacement surgery.

Hip Pain treatment in other cities

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