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How can I find treatment of Pediatric Optometry?

Here is the list of best doctors for Pediatric Optometry in Mardan. Find complete details, timings, patient reviews and contact information. Schedule a video consultation with the best doctors in Pakistan for Pediatric Optometry. 

Marham enlists the best eye specialists for pediatric optometry in Mardan and the cost of optometric services in children. Book an appointment with the child eye specialist/Pediatric ophthalmologist in Mardan based on the location, patient reviews, fee, and timings.

What is Pediatric Optometry?

Pediatric optometry is a specialization in ophthalmology dealing with the conditions and diseases pertaining to eye health in children. The pediatric optometrist is exclusively trained to provide child-friendly eye examination and treatment services. Comprehensive eye treatment is provided under pediatric optometry. Children who require specific pediatric care for any of their visual issues are referred to pediatric ophthalmologist.

What is the cost of Pediatric eye services?

The price of pediatric ophthalmological treatments depends upon the services availed. The usual fee range of an eye specialist for pediatric ophthalmology in Mardan ranges between 500-3000.

What are the services offered under pediatric optometry?

The services offered by children eye specialist in Mardan include the following;

Comprehensive eye examination: The pediatric ophthalmologist performs an eye examination on children to diagnose visual disturbances. The examination services are optimized to deal with children of all ages including infants.

Diagnosis of eye conditions: Various issues pertaining to eyes in children are diagnosed in pediatric optometry. The diagnostic procedures are specially developed for children and infants.

Treatment of visual defects: The treatment services are solely designed according to the specialized needs of the children. Various eye diseases in children are treated under pediatric optometry including amblyopia, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, painful eyes, blocked tear ducts, etc.

Prescription of glasses or contact lenses: To improve vision, glasses or lenses along with other therapeutic approaches are prescribed based on the visual needs in pediatrics.

Vision therapy: The visual therapy service is also provided by the eye specialists which includes a series of exercises and activities that help to improve visual parameters such as eye coordination, tracking, and focus.

Education and counseling: A Pediatric optometrist provides education and counseling to parents and family members about their children's eye health and the precautions to avoid further complications.

What are the Conditions treated under Pediatric optometry?

Pediatric optometry provides high-level customized visual services for each pediatric patient referred. Some of the eye conditions requiring treatment services under pediatric ophthalmologist include;

  • Nearsightedness

  • Farsightedness

  • Astigmatism

  • Color blindness

  • Eye injury

  • Watery eyes

  • Misaligned eyes

Are Pediatric eye services painful?

Pediatric eye examinations and simple procedures like fitting in glasses etc are not painful. These services are provided keeping in view the specific needs of the children. The procedures are performed with gentle care. However, if the child feels any pressure or pain, it is recommended to immediately inform the pediatric eye specialist in Mardan.