Dr. Abdul Basit Chaudhry - General Physician

  • MBBS, MD (Medicine)
  • 17 Years Experience

اپائنٹمنٹ بکنگ کی سہولت مفت میسر ہے

ڈاکٹر کی معلومات یا رابطے کے لیے اس بٹن کو دبائیں


Dr. Abdul Basit Chaudhry is a general physician practicing at Taiba Hospital, Gujranwala. He is a specialist in treating diabetes, thyroid issues, and blood pressure. He has experience of 4 years in this field and he has done MBBS and MD (Medicine)

Dr. Abdul Basit Chaudhry is available from Monday to Saturday between 04:00 PM - 10:00 PM and for online consultation he is available from Mon to Fri 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. To book an appointment with Dr. Abdul Basit Chaudhry, call at Marham helpline: 0311-1222398 and schedule your appointment

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