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Patient Questions from Dr. Sakina Quresh

Asking for Self, Female, 25 years old

Gums Receding And Loosen

I'm experiencing the detachment of my gums from the teeth recently.. i cant figure out the reason as i practice to maintain good oral hygiene along with use of mouthwash and daily brushing. Is there any way to stop it?

Asking for Other, Female, 10 years old

Teeth Problem

What is the correct age to get braces????

Asking For Self, Male 32

Dental Pain

i am suffering from pain in my top left most tooth. sometimes i feel pain or sensitivity sometimes its perfect. but now from sometime its regular pain. my doctor has suggested for root canal. can i have second opinion. plus there is...

Asking For Mother, Female 48

Infection With Teeth

Mare mother kk mouth ma teeth kk sath red color ka guilty ke trha ka infection hoa ha. Teeth ma pain nii ha but infection ma pain ha. Kindly suggest any treatment or any senior dentist in Faisalabad area kindly share the clinic addr...

Asking For Self, Female 23

Wisdom Tooth

Almost 3 years ago mera Wisdom tooth Thora sa nikla tha JB nikla tha bohat pain hoi . Tu me ne us side se khana stop kr dia ..phir Kuch days me khudi pain theek ho gyi .. ab Kuch days pehly wisdom tooth Jo Thora SE nikla hua hai wa...

Asking for Self, Male, 20 years old

Can Not Close My Jaw With Braces

I have put on braces a day ago and I cant fully close my jaw which is disturbing me when i eat food because my front tooth touch lower tooth’s bracket thats why i cant close it fully. Is it normal? If not then what’s the solution?

Asking for Self, Male, 21 years old

For Braces

mera dant bahir nikla howa han jiski waja sy muja log bhut chiraty han muja bhut bura lagta hy mh braces afford nhi kar salkhta mh student hon or baba plumber muja braces lagwany han plz tell me

Asking for Self, Male, 22 years old

Want To Fix My Front Chipped/broken Tooth (it Got Damaged More Than A Decade Ago)

I've a front tooth that got broken a decade ago. I want to see what are the options to get it fixed? What process is required and what would the cost?

Asking For Self, Male 21

Stomach Problem

منہ سے بدبو آتی ہے دن دو دفعہ برش کرتا ہوں لیکن پھر بھی آتی ہے اس کا علاج

Asking for Self, Male, 36 years old

Tooth Ache

I have removed my wisdom tooth before 3 days and feeling disturbance like I feel the need to press my teeth hardly to relief it. And the whole right side of teeth is disturbed. It’s not pain but something else

Asking For Self, Male 25

Teeth Problem

I've been experiencing sensitivity in my teeth whenever I eat something cold. Could anyone please advise on what steps I should take or if I need to come in for a check-up

Asking For Self, Female 39

Braces On Upper Teeth.

Is it compulsory to extract a tooth on each side to fix braces? I had 4 wisdom tooth extracted a year ago. And i am also missing 1 biting molar on each side of upper jaw. So to put on braces will i need to get 2 more extraction on e...

Asking For Self, Female 21

Danton Ko Grinding K Pain

AJ m dentist K pas Gai thi to unhon ny mery nechy Waly kuch Danton Ko grind Kia hy to mjy Abhi un Danton m bhht zyada pain ho rai? plss suggested me k m Kya kron ye khyd hi thk ho Jaye ga ya kuch krna pry ga

Asking For Self, Male 21

Smile Problem

my teeth are not in proper shaped it's like small and big what can I do problem is how to make a smile better

Asking For Self, Male 23

Molar Cavities

chewing problem and pain in molar teeth

Asking For Self, Male 26

Teeth Whitening

kia danto ko teeth whitening karwany ky bad koi side effects tu nahi hoty? or kis sy krwaya ja skta h teeth whitening process

Asking For Self, Female 30

Gaps Between Teeth

I have gaps between my front teeth which is feeling very awkward when I am smiling or speaking. I want to get rid of this problem but I don't know which treatment is good for this. please guide me accordingly. Thanx

Asking for Self, Male, 27 years old

Pain In Second Molar

AoA Everyone. Mera second molar tooth (as shown by arrow) kafi time sy andr sy empty tha, phr mene do saal pehly root canal krwayi and filling krwayi thi..ab 2,3 days sy again muje kafi pain start huwa hy same jagah pe and second...

Asking For Self, Male 33

Teeth Damage

Please see pictures ,and Guide me as i have to go with RCT or teeth pull

Asking For Self, Male, 32 Years old

Teeth Me Plak And Deposit Tarter

AoA Sir/Mam my name is Aqeel mere Danto pr plak or Tarter jami hoi h kia me scaling krwa lon me ny suna h scalling se Teeth kamzoor ho jaty h or masoory b please guide salution Thanks.