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Hashim Khan

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  • Brain Tumors
  • Cerebral Abscess
  • Cerebral Herniation
  • Craniectomy
  • Craniotomy
  • Head Trauma
  • Hemorrhage
  • Pituitary Gland Tumors
  • Raised Intracranial Pressure
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Spinal Disc Herniation

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Dr. Faizyab Ahmed is specialist Neuro Surgeon.

Nice job

Hashim Khan (Verified Patient)

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my husband got tumour in his nose in 2006 which was removed by ENT .Then after 10 years recurrence of tumour in his frontal sinuses in which brain surgeon and ent did combine surgery n clean the tumour n also put titanium mesh.but last year he got 2 hole right after his hairline on forehead n slowly they got bigger n b can see his bone from then he was on antibiotics but nuthing works n there was a very bad smell coming from holes Dr suggest us to go for surgery n remove the infected bone but bcz of my husbands anxiety we took so much time for surgery n one day maggots came from holes he was scared n we rush to our doctor n they did his surgery they removed his infected bone n didn't take titanium mesh from there.now after a week his holes get expanded n its open. There plan is to put soft tissue under my forehead taken from my thigh instead of using artificial bone to reduce the risk of infection, They have also planned to replace my TITANIUM MESH with soft tissues again taken

Brain Tumor

He was diagnosed with brain tumor but with medicine it was dissolved. It was related to pituitary gland. Now he got his tests done his prolactin level came really high 7459 mIU/L (45-375). And serum Androgenic hormone was 1.1 nmol/L (10.0-35.0). Now his doctor suggested MRI to him. We are really worried. Hope it's not tumor again. Please tell me what precautions should be taken to reduce these levels? Is it life threatening? What is the treatment? Please guide.

Paralysis+spinal Cord Damage

My father age 67,had back pain for last 20 yrs +??bp+uric acid.In short words Oct2017 he lost sensation in both legs,totally freez legs.Started massage+physiother.but no effect,in mean time till December ,visited so many neuro surgeon+orhtopedics in lahore,dr anjum habib,dr waqas mehdi,dr awais shah and many more,Everyone said surgery is required but there is no chnace of recovery so started physiotherapy at home,that time bed sore was gradually increasing as we have no brother so my mom does everything for him,cathetar was passed and pamper for stool,So huge bed sore was on coccyx,daily basis bandge at home.So in December we had appointment with dr amir aziz in sergimed hospital he admitted my abu in ghurki hosp.for 10 days controlling his BSR with insulin so in 21 Dec'17 they did debridement of bed sore ulcer and next day did surgery for spinal.cord.After surgery dr amir aziz didnot see my abu even once,other drs were used to come and go.After 22 days they discharged but there was no

Ulner Nerve Surgery

Anyone can tell me that the chances of recovery 100% of ulner nerve compression.Is it risky or everything will be normal.I afraid many doctor said that there is no guarantee that your hands and fingure will be completely okay.Suggest me what to Do...

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