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14 Best Clinical Nutritionists In Lahore

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Reviews of Best Clinical Nutritionists in Lahore

Dr. Arooj Gillani - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "Very satisfied"

Ms. Hafiza Rida Fatima - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "Aslamulikum. My name Is Aqdas and I am here to share my experience with you fellows so once I want to lose my weight then I started the gym back in 4 months ago before commencing the gym my weight was about 80kg and after finishing my gym period I had gained weight about 10 more kg with no guidance and proper diet and after this, I share my story with my friend and he recommended me Ms. Rida the consultant who gave me proper guidance with the proper nourishment so within 3 months AlhamdulillAh I lose my weight 15 kg with the proper advice and consulting by Respected MS.Rida. So I highly recommended feel free to approach this Respected Nutritionist."

Obaid Awan - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "Best nutritionist in town.. I visited him and get satisfied with his services. High recomended.."

Usman Haidar - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "I was overweight and i wanted to lose my weight.. I consulted doctor Usman, he prescribed me a diet plan to follow. I followed that diet plan and i lose my weight while having healthy food."

Zargham Faisal - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "I am highly satisfied by his diet charts as i was a big foodie & i do have lots of cravings but after getting my customized diet chart i felt a big change in myself all my cravings for junk are gone & i am enjoying my journey from getting fat to fit &i am literally enjoying this journey!! Plus he is very kind man too whenever i ask him something he always replies me & clarify all my queries!! Thumbsup!!? May Allah bless you dr. Zargham!! Keep on doing such work!! ??♠️"

Arooj Zaidi - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "She is very good dietician.I am satisfied with that.This Dr is very intelligent and I am very impressed with her performance."

Hirmen Aamir - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "I was highly satisfied with the experience.i could totally feel how experienced she was herself and loved the way sh cooperated with me"

Ms. Shazia Zahra - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "Very good at couseling patients. Good communication skills. "

Mahgul - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "She is a good Doctor She has a lot of experience and knowledge "

Isha Muzammil - Clinical Nutritionist

Review:- "Good"

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the best Clinical Nutritionists by booking your appointment, or by online consultation or you can call the doctor now also you can meet them by viewing their practice details on respective profiles of best Clinical Nutritionists - View Available Doctors here.

The fee range of Clinical Nutritionists in Lahore varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

Clinical Nutritionists specialists provide the best services and treat issues like

BINGE EATING, Cardiovascular Problems E.g. Atherosclerosis, MI, Stroke Etc, Chronic Kidney Disease (CID) Other Renal Disorders , Depression & Anxiety Teen Age Health Problems DRUGS/ALCHOL OTHERS , Diabetes, Digestive Disorder E.g. Gluten Allergy, Eating Disorders E.g. Bulimia, Anorexia Etc., EMOTIONAL EATING, Fitness Mind Body, Follow Up Of Gestational Diabetes, HEALTHY EATING,