Aslamolikum my mother have 10 HBA1C level and at the moment she is using short acting insulin. Alhamdulliah she is well in other medical reports and she want to come on long acting insulin because she want to inject insulin once a day. Is it possible for her if there is any endocrinologist who give me best decision about it. Hooe you will guide me better in this regard and hope will listen from you soon


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1- Diabetes is uncontrolled , A1c should be around 6.5 for her
2- We do not use short acting only - typically a basal once daily + oral agents , or mix insulin twice daily, or Basal plus short acting is used depending on type and severity of Diabetes.
3- I can see her or consult of of my other fellow endocrinologist of your choice

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Dr Awais Masood