Diabetes Type And Treatment

My GP prescribed humulin 70/30 for type 1 diabetes but many of the type 1 payients in my circle are saying its better to shift on basal bolus treatment. Right now my BGLS are normal hypos also happen and maximum BGL if u face after 2 hrs eating is 240 maximum and 115 minimum. Should i continue with this for t1 or visit and endocrinologist for fast and 24 hrs acting insulins... Im of 18 and bmi value is 23 ive attached the the BGL chart of few weeks


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Get ur HbA1c, checked, and see Endocrinologist. Basal bolus regime is the best.


Noor Saleem

Okay thank you sir :)

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Ur blood sugars r erratic 1. U need a clinical assessment by an endocrinologist 2. Ofcourse basal Bolus is definitely the RX for type 2 , not 70/30