My height is 5feet 5 inches and my weight is 113 kgs after my pregnancy my weight was 99 kgs when i get pregnant and on delivery time my weight was 116 kgs.I had water retention on my legs n feet during my both pregnancies.i wats to lose my weight.Now my baby is 6 months old and i started treadmil at home 50 mints in morning and 30 mints in evening and burn 750 calories along with 1200 calories diet plan and in one month my weight is 110.35/111 kgs.i have very big thighs n legs i gained weight on my legs thighs and bottocks i really wants to lose my weight with healthy way.please i need your help and advise.



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Please visit my opd. Plz cntkt 042-32591427, for details and appointments


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yours is a.difficult case and cannot be helped here. I suggest you visit my clinic or call my secretary to give you online appointment. it will take you two years to.lose this weight. anyone promising anything else.is false.


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Frist u investigation FBS , serum insulin then start avoid dairy products avoid high glycemic food and avoid junk food and avoid carbohydrates for some time 3 month and regular Gyme for 1hrs


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for obesity there is a solution beside surgery and its modern day weight loss called keto diet .if you are interested i can help you and you will definitely loose weight but before embarking to any weight loss technique i want to ask question and will do some test as to know as you are fit for this type of weight loss or not