Obesity Plus Diabetes

My mother is 55 years old. She has three surgeries done, one for removal of her gall bladder, one for removal of the uterus system and there is one other surgery about which I am not completely aware. Now is 47 kg over weight and has diabetes and heart problem too. I take her to walk every night where she does three rounds of a small park as she is very fat and her heart aches if she walks more. What should be her ideal diet plan and walk plan as she is weaker than the average 55 year old women. She cannot take iron as her stomach is intolerant of so many minerals.


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If she has symptoms of chest pain on exertion she needs to see a cardiologist first.
Once she is cleared by them then she probably needs more than diet and exercise- drug therapy or other interventions, for which I advise her to be seen endocrinologist of her choice.