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Asking for Self, Female, 32 years old, Sindh

My Tsh level is 5.34...with normal t3 and t4 levels. I am having muscles aches. Less concentration kn daily tasks. Poor memory. Sometime pounding heartbeat. Weakness and fatigue like issues. 5 months ago when i first time got thyroid profile test, my tsh level was 5.27 with normal t3 and t4. My family doctor didn't give me any medicine. Except some multivitamins. What to do now? As after 5 months there is slight increase in tsh level. What medicine should i take to get rid of daily weakness, less concentration, fatigue and muscular aches?

Endocrinologist in Lahore - Dr. Mateen Hotiana

Dr. Mateen Hotiana - Endocrinologist

MBBS, FACP, FACE, Diplomate American Board of Endocrinology | Lahore


116 Positive Reviews

Do you have any family history of Thyroid disease ? . Were any antibodies checked ? Are you planning any pregnancies in the future ? All these answers would determine your management plan . You definitely should have thyroid hormone levels monitored. See a qualified and trained endocrinologist to discuss further . Thanks


Post Owner

Actually i live in a place where i cant approach an endocrinologist here in our city... I didnt get antibodies test. And only my Daadi is having thyroid issue which happened in this age of her(75 plus). She is taking medicine for for it. No other histrory.
Not planning pregnancy yet.

3 years ago


Post Owner

Sir kindly reply

3 years ago

Homeopath in Rawalpindi - Dr. Asifa Khanum

Dr. Asifa Khanum - Homeopath

DHMS | Rawalpindi


236 Positive Reviews

your problem is still in it's early stage, Homeo medicine can help it recover well at this stage. You need to take medicine timely and then there will be no further need of any medication InshaAllah.

Hematologist in Bahawalpur - Dr. Usman Tahir

Dr. Usman Tahir - Hematologist

MBBS, IMM ( hematology), FCPS PGR 4 (hematology) | Bahawalpur


474 Positive Reviews

aa hi haematologist video consultation thru marham required to solve this matter thanks in anticipation

Endocrinologist in Karachi - Dr. Faisal Ilyas

Dr. Faisal Ilyas - Endocrinologist

MBBS, Masters (Diabetologist/Endocrinologist) | Karachi


15 Positive Reviews

Kindly visit any of my clinics. I am sending you the schedule of my OPDs.

Thanks and Regards,

Dr Faisal Ilyas
Consultant Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

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