Ear Pain

Aoa, my son is facing ear problem , he is complaining about his right ear that he is not able to listen clearly from it. I am so worried and not know what to do


WS; don't get worried
Take him to a nearby ent specialist preferably or a GP .
This might be an ear infection; or may be some foreign body has got into his ear
May Allah g give him shhifa ameen


Moazzam Ali

He might have hard ear wax impacted in his ear or any bacterial infection. I have to examine the ear for proper diagnosis and managment accordingly. If u r in lahore u can visit me at my clinic.


MBBS,FCPS | Karachi

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Pls follow the advise of Dr. Moazzam Ali


You must consult ENT specialist
It may be due to wax or infection and needs to be treated without delay