I was facing ear infection two weeks ago. I went to doctor for checkup in China. There was pus in my ear and little pain. Doctor clean it and they give me some radiations of light on my ear for 5 days . I eat Amoxlyn and put ear drops also. Now i can't hear well like other ear. I feel heavy on my infected ear but no pain. Doctor said eustachian tube disfunction or deafness and sometime she says there may be otitis media? Kindly any senior surgeon can suggest me what should i do. I should come back to Pakistan for treatment or what should i do? Kindly advice me. Attached pictures are the german machine use for giving radiation.


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Thank you for your query.
But nothing can be said before having a look at a your ear. It may be simple ear cannal infection or discharge due to someome perforation as well.


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I have just saw ur query and come to know about your problem ,you r digonose with eustachian tube dysfunction, often this problem develop in those who r obese or having smoking habit including other Causes

Allergies and illnesses like the common cold are the most common causes of ETD. These conditions may cause your eustachian tubes to become inflamed or clogged with mucus. People with sinus infections are more likely to develop your ears. You may experience the effects of altitude change from:
traveling through mountains
flying on a plane
riding an elevator
plz contact after ur antibiotic course
take care .


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Dear Patient. I'm sorry but this sounds like a hoax. The first thing you need is a proper ear examination and diagnosis and then a hearing test.
Thank you


kiran tanoli

aoa, i have an ear drum problm bsically holes in both ear drum.. i want to ask
is there is any natural remedy to recover ear drum??


kiran tanoli

and i lost my hearing about 40% ..so i want to ask any natural method to recover ear drum

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